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Save Time collecting and compiling your spreadsheet data

Get real-time data from any source

The Factivate spreadsheet gives users the power of a full data analytics team behind them, capable of updating spreadsheet reports (every 5 minutes), without the human errors associated with manual input - all for less than $100 dollars/month. Our ability to automatically connect your spreadsheet to any outside data source ensures that your data is always accurate, up-to-date, and ready for you to watch your ROI grow.  


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Customize your Factivate Spreadsheet to make it your own Data Analytics Platform

Stop waiting for software engineers when you want something new. Forget macros. Now that you have real-time data flowing into your awesome reports, you can customize it to be even smarter than ever. 

With Factivate, you can integrate automated actions and alerts into your spreadsheet using only a spreadsheet formula. With these triggers, the spreadsheet works for you. Some of these examples include: 

  • Pause Ad Spend automatically when budget reaches 5%
  • Shift ad campaign budgets when bounce rates are higher for Facebook than Google
  • Send me an SMS when inventory falls below 10%
  • Send a weekly PDF email summary from Tab#1


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