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Factivate is a cloud-based platform that looks like a spreadsheet but has all of the magic of a robust business intelligence platform supporting it. Our easy-to-use platform gives you an automated spreadsheet will stay up to date by continuously pulling data from different third party sources. This saves you time, decreases manual input errors, and provides you with the most accurate information to make the very best business decisions that impact your bottom line. Click on the button below to see which data connectors are currently supported.


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Save Hundreds of Thousands in Programing & Maintenance Costs

No need to ask I.T. to build complex programs or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new tool that you have to learn to use. If you know Excel, you already know 95% of what you need to know to use Factivate and build your automated reports, build beautiful dashboards, and, add alerts and notifications. To learn more about our notifications, click on the button below:

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It's Not Excel, It's Better 

Do you know the costs of using Excel for your organization? 

The average Excel user spends 150+ hours/yr building and updating spreadsheet reports, 88% of which contain errors. Unfortunately, people continue to rely on these same processes as a basis for running their companies because other tools are either too expensive or too difficult.

Factivate is a new kind of Spreadsheet

Factivate is not a plugin nor is it an Excel add-on, it is a new kind of spreadsheet built to fix all of the Excel-related risks. The end result is an online spreadsheet built to manage TBs of data with the easiest B.I. user experience to help you make the best business decisions that drive ROI.



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